Tuesday, May 1, 1990

Militant rabbi Moshe Levinger pleads guilty to death by negligence charge after lawyers plea bargain to reduce original charge of manslaughter for shooting death of Arab salesman in Hebron. Levinger is to be sentenced on 5/14 [WT 5/ 2].

Israeli officials offer to exchange Arab prisoners for 3 Israelis held in Lebanon, but indicate they would not make any deals for Western hostages [WT 5/2].

Israeli gov't. reports that for 16th consecutive month number of Soviet Jews arriving in Israel has increased. Officials say 10,500 Jews emigrated to Israel in April, compared to 7,300 in March [NYT 5/2].

All but 20 Jewish settlers leave St. John's Hospice in Christian quarter of Jerusalem in compliance with Supreme Court eviction order [IDF 5/1 in FBIS 5/ 1; NYT, WP, LAT 5/2].

Soviet ambassador to Syria Alexander Zotov says Arab-Israeli conflict and buildup of weapons in Middle East will be "top priority" at 30 May-3 June Bush-Gorbachev summit [WT 5/2]; Zotov criticizes U.S. for not showing enough "firmness" with Israel to reach peace settlement [WP 5/2].

Fifteen Arab states have agreed to attend Arab summit meeting in Baghdad in late May [KUNA 5/1 in FBIS 5/2].

Arafat and Saddam Hussein meet in Baghdad to discuss upcoming Arab summit [INA 5/1 in FBIS 5/3].