Monday, May 28, 1990

Bomb explodes in Jewish sector of Jerusalem, kills 72-year-old man, wounds 9 others; police round up dozens of Palestinians; angry Jewish shopowners try to attack them, shout anti-Arab epithets [NYT, WP, WT, LAT 5/29; IDF 5/28 in FBIS 5/29; FJ 6/4].

Arab League summit opens in Baghdad; Saddam Husein takes hard line against Israel and U.S. despitefforts by Egypt, Saudi Arabia to tone down rhetoric. 5 Arab states, including Syria do not attend summit [NYT, WP, WT 5/29; INA 5/28 in FBIS 5/29].

Israeli parliamentary panel votes 13-11 to approve retroactively the gov't.'s $1.8 million financing of Jewish settlement in St. John's Hospice in E. Jerusalem [WT 5/29].

Israeli high court gives permission to far-right Kach movement, led by Rabbi Meir Kahane, to hold demonstration in Rishon le Zion in support of 5/20 killings [sic] [NYT 5/29].