Monday, October 15, 1990

Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek says he would meet with the UN delegation sent to investigate Haram al-Sharif incident [JPD 10/16 in FBIS 10/16; MEM 10/16; NYT, LAT, WT 10/17].

U.S. is urging Britain to tone down resolution it plans to introduce in UN Sec. Council that would require Iraq to pay compensation for damage resulting from invasion of Kuwait. Sources say Washington fears that Arab nations would demand similar action against Israel for its occupation of land claimed by Palestinians [NYT 10/16].

U.S. also urges Israel to accept UN investigation into Haram al-Sharif killings, saying not to do so is to "let Iraq off the hook" as far as accepting UN resolutions [LAT, WP, NYT 10/16].

"Popular Kuwaiti Congress" ends its 3-day meeting in Jeddah with communique strongly supporting ruling family, calling upon UN to "use all available means" to liberate Kuwait [NYT, LAT, WP, WT, MEM 10/16; SPA 10/15 in FBIS 10/17].

In speech before Knesset, P.M. Shamir attacks pillars of U.S. policy in Middle East; while he does not mention U.S. or Bush admin. directly, Shamir criticizes sale of arms to Arab nations, efforts to arrange Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, and promotion of close relations with countries that are hostile to Israel [LAT, WP 10/16].

P.M. Shamir sends letter to Pres. Bush asking him to "put the Temple Mount incident behind us," also reiterates Israel's refusal to accept UN investigation of Haram al-Sharif shootings [LAT 10/18].

One-day meeting of Jerusalem Committee of the Islamic Conference Organization occurs in Rabat with King Hassan, Chrrnn. Arafat, and Saudi F.M. Prince Saud al-Faisal in attendance [RADS 10/15 in FBIS 10/16].

At press conference, E. Jerusalem-based Palestine Human Rights Information Center (PHRIC) revises downwards death toll from Haram al-Sharif killings to 17 instead of 21 (2 of reported dead were injured but survived, 1 died of heart attack, and 1 was shot by Israeli civilian elsewhere in city). Other human rights groups, including Al-Haq, subsequently follow [MEM 10/26].