Thursday, October 25, 1990

Bush admin. decides to expand the number of U.S. forces in Gulf and may send as many as 100,000 more troops in addition to the planned deployment of 240,000 [NYT, LAT, WP, WT 10/26].

Pres. of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, criticizes Saudi Arabia for inviting U.S. forces into the kingdom and for rescinding residency status for Yemenis working in Saudi Arabia [NYT 10/26].

Israel rejects UN Sec. Council's 10/24 resolution and levels harsh criticism at U.S. for supporting resolution [MEM 10/25; NYT, WT 10/26].

Washington Post reports Jordan has halted all exports to Iraq, including humanitarian aid [WP 10/25].

Soviet envoy Primakov meets in Damascus with Pres. Asad to discuss Gulf crisis [DDS 10/25 in FBIS 10/25].

Senior Saudi official says roughly 120,000 Kuwaitis have fled across the border into Saudi Arabia since 9/15 when Iraqi troops began to allow them to leave [AFP 10/25 in FBIS 10/26].

Jerusalem police report that 18, not 21, Palestinians were killed in Haram al-Sharif incident [JDS 10/25 in FBIS 10/26].