Wednesday, October 31, 1990

Pres. Bush declares he has 'had it" with Iraq's treatment of U.S. hostages and diplomats; Chief of Staff John Sununu says Bush is still committed to avoiding hostilities [NYT, LAT, WP 11/1].

Saddam Hussein announces through spokesperson that relatives of foreigners it is holding as "guests" may visit their loved ones in Iraq during the holiday season [NYT 11/1].

Returning to Moscow after meeting with Saddam, Soviet envoy Primakov says while his mission had not been a total success, he believes Iraq is becoming more open to political solution to Gulf crisis [NYT, WP 11/1].

Pres. Mubarak rebuffs Soviet suggestion that Arab leaders convene to solve Gulf crisis, saying Arab leaders did meet in August and solved nothing, and that leaders are still working on a solution to the crisis [LAT 11/1].

Foreign ministers of Saudia Arabia, Syria, and Egypt meet in Jeddah to discuss "latest developments in the Gulf" [NYT 11/1].

Algeria decides to send milk and flour to Iraq and Kuwait, specifically for children [AGS 10/31 in FBIS 11/1].

Swedish parliamentary delegation leaves Iraq after several-day visit; Saddam allows at least 6 Swedish nationals to leave Iraq [INA 10/31 in FBIS 11/1].

After year-long trial, 1 of 4 Givati Brigade soldiers receives 2-month prison sentence, and 3 others receive suspended sentences in the beating death of Palestinian back in February 1988 [NYT, MEM 11/1].