Sunday, September 2, 1990

UN Sec.-Gen. Perez de Cuellar leaves Amman for Paris after 2 days of talks with Iraqi F.M. Aziz that left Perez de Cuellar "dis-appointed" [RMC 9/2 in FBIS 9/4; LAT, NYT, WP 9/3; CSM 9/4; MET 9/11].

PFLP leader George Habash meets with Saddam in Baghdad for first time in 14 years (en route, visited Amman for first time since September 1970) [LAT, NYT, WP, MEM 9/3; JTE 9/3 in FBIS 9/6; BADS 9/2 in FBIS 9/7; CSM 9/4].

Conflicting media reports surround rumors that Habash will move his base from Damascus to Baghdad, and Hawatmeh from Damascus to Amman [LAT, MEM 9/3; JTE, AFP 9/3 in FBIS 9/6; MET 9/1 1].

Sources say DFLP leader Nayef Hawatmeh is struggling to keep control of his group after making known his support for Syria [LAT, NYT, WP 9/3].

Greek frigate leaves naval base to join multinational force in Mediterranean [LAT 9/3].

3 Palestinians were killed by Israelis during August, equaling July's total as the lowest monthly death toll since the intifada began [LAT 9/3].

Iraqi authorities in Baghdad have begun to issue ration cards for the purchase of basic commodities [AFP 9/2 in FBIS 9/4].

Israel extends for 3 months closure orders for West Bank universities of Birzeit, Hebron, and al-Najah [JDS 9/3 in FBIS 9/7; FJ 9/10].