Tuesday, September 18, 1990

Bush admin. harshly criticizes King Hussein for Jordan's hosting conference of "anti- American radicals" in Amman; spokesperson hints meeting could damage U.S.-Jordanian relations [LAT 9/19]; Jordan appears to have stopped sending foodstuffs to Iraq [NYT 9/19].

Reversing longstanding opposition to Soviet presence in Middle East, Saudi Arabia would now welcome Soviet troops as part of multinational force, according to Saudi F.M. Saud al-Faisal [NYT, LAT, WT, WP 9/19].

At hearing of House Foreign Affairs sub-committee on Europe and Middle East, congressmen, including committee chrmn. Lee Hamilton (D-Ind.), accuse Bush admin. of sending mixed signals to Saddam. Hamilton cites ass't sec. of state John Kelly's 7/31 testimony that U.S. has no defense treaty with Kuwait [LAT, NYT, WP, WT 9/19; MEM 9/21].

Pentagon reports of defensive buildup of Iraqi troops in Kuwait [NYT, WP 9/19].

UN Disaster Relief Office says number of refugees in Jordanian transit camps after fleeing Iraq and Kuwait is 34,876; UNDRO adds gov'ts of Sweden, Denmark, and Italy have offered funds to aid refugees [AFP 9/18 in FBIS 9/18]; Crown Prince Hasan Ibn-Talal says Jordan has already spent $57 million to accommodate estimated 500,000 refugees who have passed through Jordan since 8/2 [AFP 9/18 in FBIS 9/20].

Chrmn. Arafat arrives in Amman for meetings on Gulf crisis [ADS 9/18 in FBIS 9/18; CSM 9/19].