Tuesday, September 25, 1990

UN Sec. Council votes 14-1 to impose embargo on air traffic to and from Iraq and Kuwait. The sole "nay" vote is cast by Cuba [NYT, LAT, WP, WT 9/26; MET 10/9]; in hard-hitting speech at Gen. Assembly, Soviet F.M. Shevardnadze suggests Moscow would support military operation against Iraq if sanctions fail, and warns war may be imminent if Saddam does not leave Kuwait [WP 9/26; NYT 9/26, 9/27; MEM 9/26; CSM 9/27].

In 75-min. speech broadcast in its entirety on CNN (excerpts on major networks), Saddam tells American television audience that Iraq is the victim of conspiracies [INA 9/26 in FBIS 9/26; NYT, WP, WT, MEM 9/26].

U.S. House Appropriations Committee shelves Pres. Bush's request to cancel Egypt's military debt to U.S. after being told it faced certain defeat (cf. 9/30) [MEM 9/26].

After 4 days of talks in Teheran, Pres. Asad and Pres. Rafsanjani declare "full agreement" on opposition to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait [MEM 9/25; NYT 9/26].

Asad is credited with bringing Iran into anti-Iraq camp, persuading Iranian leadership to recast call to jihad against West as measure to be taken only if West stays on after Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait [NYT 10/11].

Saudi Arabia expels 12 more diplomats from Jordanian consulate and embassy; Jordan recalls its ambassador in protest [NYT 9/26].

Israel's Supreme Court rules army can raze Palestinian houses and shops around area where IDF soldier was killed on 9/20. Court says demolitions are urgent military need, and can proceed if homeowners are given compensation [WP, LAT, WT 9/26; FJ 10/6; MET 10/9].

After visit to Bureij refugee camp, UNRWA commissioner general expresses concern about demolition of houses and shops, says there is a disproportion between the 9/20 killing and Israel's response [JDS 9/26 in FBIS 9/27].

Israeli think tank Jafee Center issues annual report "Intemnational Terrorism 1989" attributing to Middle East groups only 8.9% of 406 incidents recorded; report states Fateh helped Western security agencies curb terror and that Palestinian attacks outside Israel declined sharply [MEM 9/26].