Wednesday, April 3, 1991

UN Sec. Council votes 12-1 with 2 abstentions to approve resolution 687 outlining strict terms and timetable of cease-fire in Gulf war. Cuba votes against; Yemen and Ecuador abstain. Resolution becomes effective once it is accepted by Iraq [NYT, WP, LAT 4/4; BADS 4/4 in FBIS 4/5; MET 4/16].

Kurdish leaders continue to appeal for international help as failed rebellion causes mass exodus towards Turkish and Iranian borders. Senior State Dep't. official meets with Iraqi dissident intellectuals in Washington in show of sympathy for Kurds; Ankara says it will not permit mass entry of Kurds into Turkey; Iran says it will accept refugees, and asks for international aid [NYT, LAT 4/4].

Jewish Agency head Simcha Dinitz reports Soviet Jewish immigrants to Israel reached almost 15,000 during March and is expected to climb to 25,000 during April [NYT 4/4].

U.S. military officials proclaim emergency relief program for Kuwait nearly complete, but express concerns about Kuwait gov't.'s ability to continue reconstruction after Americans leave [WP 4/4].

Spokesperson for DFLP in Amman states that Sec.-Gen. Nayif Hawatimah has dismissed his deputy, Yasir Abd Rabbo, and replaced him with Taysir Khalid; DFLP wing in Tunis proclaims Abd Rabbo its leader [MEM 4/4; RAY, KUNA, DUT 4/5 in FBIS 4/8].