Saturday, April 6, 1991

Iraq formally accepts U.N. Sec. Council cease-fire resolution; "While declaring that this resolution is unjust, [we] have found there was no other choice than to accept it in order to defeat the American-Zionist plot," says National Assembly speaker Saadi Mehdi Saleh [NYT, WP 4/7; BADS 4/7 in FBIS 4/8; INA 4/8 in FBIS 4/9; CSM 4/8; MET 4/16].

PLO leadership in Tunis endorses proposed meeting between Sec. Baker and o.t. Palestinians during Baker's upcoming visit to Israel [ADS 4/7 in FBIS 4/8].

Yasir Arafat arrives in Algeria, meets with Pres. Bendjedid to discuss postwar Gulf situation [AGS, APS 4/6 in FBIS 4/8].

Rep. Les Aspin, chrmn. of House Armed Services Committee, meets in Damascus with Pres. Asad. Aspin earlier met with King Hussein and Israeli D.M. Arens [DDS 4/6 in FBIS 4/9].

Israeli troops shoot dead 2 Palestinians in overnight clashes in West Bank [FJ 4/15; MET 4/16].