Tuesday, April 9, 1991

In Jerusalem, Sec. Baker meets with P.M. Shamir, F.M. Levy, other Israeli officials. Israel says for 1st time that it is willing to enter into single regional peace meeting co-sponsored by Washington and Moscow, but no agreement on structure, agenda, timing, and who would represent Palestinians [MEM 4/9; NYT, WP, LAT, CSM 4/10; JDS, IDF 4/9 in FBIS 4/9; MET 4/23].

Sec. Baker also meets with delegation of 6 Palestinians from o.t., who present to Baker 6-point memorandum [IDF 4/9 in FBIS 4/9; MEM 4/9; FJ 4/15].

Unofficial estimates from UN High Commissioner for Refugees claim about 750,000 Iraqis have crossed into Iran and that about 280,000 have crossed illegally into Turkey, while roughly 300,000 still wait on Iraqi side of Turkish border; relief agencies say thousands will die unless massive aid reaches them soon [NYT 4/10].

Iraq rejects EC notion of setting up safe haven for refugees to be administered by UN; EC backs away from its own plan; Bush admin. also backs away from "enclave" idea [MEM 4/9; NYT, WP, LAT, MEM, CSM 4/10].

Prominent Palestinian in Kuwait, Dr. Salim Mukhtar, writer and dentist, is assassinated near Kuwaiti army roadblock; incident raises concerns in U.S. about continued reprisals and repression of Palestinians in Kuwait [NYT 4/10].

UN Sec. Council authorizes dispatch of 1,440-member observer team to oversee demilitarized zone between Iraq and Kuwait currently patrolled by U.S. forces [WP, LAT 4/10].

General strike is observed in o.t. to mark beginning of 41st month of intifada [HAA 4/10 in FBIS 4/11; FJ 4/15].