Friday, April 26, 1991

Having to leave Jerusalem abruptly because of his mother's death, Sec. Baker does not have chance to meet with Palestinians, but does meet with P.M. Shamir, F.M. Levy; Baker says in news conference before departing that Israel had failed to give responses he needed to continue trying to put together peace conference, and that he and Pres. Bush will have to reevaluate diplomatic steps [MEM 4/26; NYT, LAT 4/27; IDF, JDS 4/26 in FBIS 4/26; MET 5/7].

UN Sec.-Gen. Javier Perez de Cuellar announces that UN relief teams will take over Kurdish refugee camps in northern Iraq from American troops "as soon as possible" [LAT 4/27; MET 5/7].

Baghdad says it will disband its millionman militia, the Popular Army, and will let citizens travel abroad [NYT 4/27; INA 4/26 in FBIS 4/29].

Yasir Arafat, George Habash, and Nayif Hawatimah arrive in Khartoum to take part in Islamic Arab People's Conference [RMC 4/26 in FBIS 5/1].