Wednesday, December 11, 1991

Israeli-Syrian, Israeli-Lebanese talks continue in Washington, but Israelis, Palestinians still disagree over whether they will meet separately from Jordanians. While both sides agreed to a "two-track" approach which would allow Israel to talk with Palestinian component of joint delegation about Israeli-Palestinian issues and with Jordanians about issues of Israeli-Jordanian concern, Israel insists on negotiating with joint delegation to avoid appearances of recognizing separate Palestinian delegation. Both parties have been meeting in a corridor at State Dept. during talks. (WP 12/12)

Israeli atty. gen. rules settlers hold legal title to disputed homes in Silwan. (MM 12/12)

ICO meeting ends in Dakar. For first time in years, call for jihad against Israel is omitted from resolution. Chmn. Arafat walks out in anger when gathering passes resolution but later returned. (WP, MM 12/12)

Jordan protests Israel's 12/10 decision to establish direct dial telephone service to Jordan, other Arab countries, claiming one-way service violates International Telecommunications Union agreements. Jordan asks foreign communications companies not to connect calls originating from Israel. (MM 12/11, 12/13)

UNRWA announces European Commission will donate $16.7 million to build 232- bed hospital in Gaza, to open in 1994. (MM 12/11)