Wednesday, February 20, 1991

U.S. and Britain tell Moscow that they find Soviet's 2/18 cease-fire proposal unacceptable because it lacks tight timetable for Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait and does not compel Iraq to accept all UN Sec. Council resolutions on the crisis [NYT 2/21; CSM 2/22]; Washington urges Moscow to stiffen cease-fire conditions on Iraq [WP 2/21].

After month of often bitter negotiation, U.S. releases $400 million loan guarantee to Israel for housing for Soviet Jewish immigrants (cf. 2/21) [IDF 2/20 in FBIS 2/21; NYT, WP, WT, MEM 2/21].

Israeli authorities begin allowing 400 Palestinians per day to cross bridges from Jordan back to West Bank; "security concerns" had prompted Israel to reduce number allowed to cross river from 1,000 per day to 50 per day; at least 30 Palestinians lose their residency permits because of delay in crossing [JTE 2/20 in FBIS 2/20; MET 3/5].

Israeli air force planes bomb alleged PFLP base in Al Izzah village, about 40 miles east of Beirut; 5 people are reported injured [IDF, BDS, AFP 2/20 in FBIS 2/20; NYT 2/21; JPI 3/2; MET 3/5].