Friday, February 22, 1991

Pres. Bush gives Saddam Hussein "until noon Saturday [2/23] to ... begin his immediate and unconditional withdrawal" or face huge ground attack; Bush gives Iraq 7 days to complete withdrawal. Baghdad calls demand "disgraceful" [BADS 2/22 in FBIS 2/25; MEM 2/22; NYT, LAT 2/23].

Soviet Union and Iraqi F.M. Aziz radio Saddam Hussein with proposals for new Iraqi concessions in effort to forge settlement before Pres. Bush's deadline [NYT, LAT 2/23].

King Hussein endorses Soviet peace plan at news conference in Amman; Arafat offers positive but guarded response; 9-country Western European Group gives full backing to Pres. Bush's ultimatum, as does majority of Congress [JTE, AVP 2/23 in FBIS 2/25; ADS 2/22 in FBIS 2/27; NYT 2/23].

Allied fighter-bombers attack Iraqi troops in Kuwait, flying record number of sorties despite heavy black smoke from oil well fires that cover almost 1/4 of Kuwait [WAKH, IRNA 2/23 in FBIS 2/25; NYT, LAT 2/23].

U.S. announces that about 51,000 refugees who fled upheavals in Kuwait, Lebanon, and Liberia will be allowed to remain in U.S. for at least another year [NYT 2/26].

Israeli ambassador to U.S., Zalman Shoval, submits to State Dep't. Israeli gov't.'s formal request for $1 billion in emergency military assistance to cover outlays stemming from Gulf war [JPD 2/25 in FBIS 2/26; MEM 2/25].

For 1st time in 20 years, DFLP holds public rally in Amman to celebrate its 22d anniversary. Reports say about 20,000 people attend [JTE 2/23 in FBIS 2/28].

UNLU issues 2d addendum to call no. 67; 2d is more moderate than 1st, indicating tactical differences within UNLU leadership over PLO Gulf war policy [JPD 2/26 in FBIS 2/28].