Tuesday, February 26, 1991

In radio address, Saddam Hussein makes public his commitment to withdraw from Kuwait. Pres. Bush says promise is inadequate, presses for virtual surrender, and orders allied forces to continue attacks [BADS 2/26 in FBIS 2/26; MEM 2/26; NYT, LAT, WP, WT 2/27; MET 3/12].

Allied forces enter Kuwait City, as Iraqi troops are reported in headlong retreat across Kuwait; fighting continues at Kuwait City airport; U.S. troops reach Euphrates River in Iraq, cutting off escape routes for Republican Guards; other allied forces are closing off additional escape routes for Iraqi troops; 25 to 30 mile long column of Iraqi tanks, personnel carriers, and trucks heading north on road to Basra is repeatedly attacked by U.S. warplanes [MENA 2/26 in FBIS 2/27; NYT, LAT, WP, WT, CSM 2/27].

SCUD missile lands in uninhabited area of Qatar, another is destroyed over Bahrain [MEM 2/26].

Emir of Kuwait declares martial law, says it will last for 3 months, in 1st step toward reestablishing his rule [NYT, WP, WT 2/27; MET 3/12].

U.S. command revises death toll in 2/25 SCUD attack on barracks, saying missile killed 28 U.S. soldiers and wounded more than 100 [NYT, WP 2/27; MET 3/12].

Military law specialists say "rules of war" clearly permit allies to attack retreating Iraqis until they law down their arms; claim definite distinction between retreat and surrender [NYT, WP 2/27].

Egypt, Kuwait, Soviet Union, and European members of coalition say Saddam Hussein must accept all 12 UN Sec. Council resolutions before war can end [KUNA 2/26 in FBIS 2/27; NYT, WP 2/27]; PLO calls on UN Sec. Council to bring about immediate ceasefire [TDS 2/27 in FBIS 2/27; AVP 2/27 in FBIS 2/28].

Allies effectively stop counting Iraqi POWs because so many have been taken since ground war began. Officials stop count at 26,000 but estimates are up to more than 30,000 [LAT, WP 2/27].

P.M. Shamir vows to resist concessions in postwar Middle East peace effort [IDF 2/26 in FBIS 2/27; MEM 2/26; WP, WT 2/27].

Yasir Arafat meets in Algiers with Pres. Benjedid; Arafat says U.S. aims to destroy Iraq [AGS, AFP 2/26, APS 2/27 in FBIS 2/27; APS 2/27 in FBIS 3/1].

European Community announces it is freezing contacts with PLO in light of Arafat's pro-Iraqi stand. EC statement says, however, that the decision "in no way calls into question the role of the PLO or the rights of the Palestinian people" [MEM 2/26].

Jordanian Cabinet issues statement accusing allies of exceeding UN mandate [MEM 2/27].