Monday, January 14, 1991

France issues 6-point 11th-hour initiative calling for Saddam to leave Kuwait; similar appeal is made by Yemen, Algeria, Tunis, and Libya. EC gov'ts., frustrated by seeing diplomatic efforts rebuffed by Baghdad, say they plan no new initiatives before the deadline [TDS, AFP, AES 1/14 in FBIS 1/15; NYT, LAT, WT, WP 1/15]; touting French plan, Algeria's Pres. Benjedid leaves for Baghdad [AGS 1/14 in FBIS 1/15].

Revolutionary Command Council votes unanimously to follow Saddam Hussein in defying UN resolutions; measure also authorizes Saddam to undertake last-minute political settlement [ADS 1/14 in FBIS 1/14; INA 1/15 in FBIS 1/15; MEM 1/14; NYT, WP 1/15]; Saddam sends "open message" to King Fahd decrying Saudi's Gulf stance [BADS 1/14 in FBIS 1/15].

PLO's second-ranking official, Abu lyad [Salah Khalaf] is assassinated in Tunis; Abu al-Hol [Hayel Abdel Hamid] and aid Fakhri al-Omari are also killed (cf. 1/15) [TDS, AFP, SPA 1/15 in FBIS 1/15; NYT, LAT, WT, WP, MEM 1/15].

UN Sec.-Gen. Perez de Cuellar arrives back in New York from Baghdad, having failed to secure any concessions from Saddam Hussein [NYT, LAT 1/15].

Kuwaiti Crown Prince and P.M. warns that multinational forces would strike at civilian as well as military targets in Iraq: "If he [Saddam] bombs Kuwait cities, we'll do the same to Iraqi cities" [NYT, WP 1/15].

Allied officials agree that U.S. and British troops will conduct all offensive military operations while French and Arab troops will remain in defensive positions in war [LAT 1/15].

FBI rejects requests to stop interviewing Arab-American leaders about potential terrorist plans, but agrees to discontinue certain political questions such as "How do you feel about the Gulf situation?" and "How do you feel about Saddam Hussein?" [LAT 1/15].

Saddam Hussein orders the phrase "Allahu Akbar" ["God is great"] be added to Iraq flag [INA 1/14 in FBIS 1/14].

Israeli High Court orders defense establishment to distribute gas masks to Palestinians in o.t.; since only limited number are available, Palestinians in Jerusalem area and those closest to Israel will receive masks [JDS, IDF 1/14 in FBIS 1/15; WP, MEM 1/15].

King Hussein and Chrmn. Arafat discuss Gulf crisis at meeting in Amman [ADS 1/15 in FBIS 1/15].