Wednesday, January 16, 1991

U.S., Saudi, British, and Kuwaiti aircraft launch attack on Iraq bombing Baghdad and other military targets in Iraq and Kuwait with massive waves of air attacks and ship-launched missiles. "We have no choice but to force Saddam from Kuwait" say Pres. Bush [NYT, LAT, WT, WP, MEM 1/17].

Hours before war erupts, French National Assembly overwhelmingly approves use of French forces for military operations; P.M. Rocard places country's 10,000 troops and 76 aircraft in Saudi Arabia under U.S. command [NYT, LAT, WP 1/17].

Israel declares nationwide state of emergency as war breaks out; schools are closed; curfew is placed on entire Gaza Strip [JDS 1/16 in FBIS 1/16; NYT, LAT, WT, WP 1/17].

Many Arab gov'ts., reportedly including Egypt, are not given advance notice of allied attack. Jordanian radio delays for 3 hours before broadcasting news that war has begun [LAT, WT 1/17].

Arab League and Gulf countries issue statements condemning 1/14 assassination of PLO's Abu lyad and others [MENA 1/16 in FBIS 1/16; WAKH, AES 1/16 in FBIS 1/17].

PLO calls for general mobilization of its forces in Lebanon; warns them to be ready to strike at U.S. interests [AFP 1/16 in FBIS 1/17].

Israeli gunboats shell inland Amal positions in S. Lebanon; no injuries are reported [BDS 1/16 in FBIS 1/17].