Wednesday, January 23, 1991

Segment of Egyptian population is seen as shifting in favor of Iraq in Gulf war; shift is evident enough to force gov't. to scale back its propaganda campaign against Iraq [NYT 1/24]; pro-Iraqi sentiment is seen as increasing in N. Africa [NYT 12/26].

Allied command reports total loss of 20 aircraft-16 in combat-including 10 U.S. planes. Iraq says it has downed 178 allied planes [NYT 1/24].

Chancellor Helmut Kohl announces Germany is sending Israel $165 million in "immediate humanitarian aid" after Iraqi missile attacks, and that more money would be sent to support Gulf allies [NYT, LAT 1/24].

Japanese P.M. Kaifu sends military cargo aircraft for transportation of refugees to Middle East, and adds $9 billion to its financial support of coalition forces; Iraq says it now considers Japan a "hostile" nation [WT, WP 1/24; LAT 1/25].

Abul Abbas, leader of Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) has left Baghdad for Yemen because of lack of communications facilities in Iraq after allied bombing raids [WT 1/24].