Monday, January 28, 1991

More than 80 Iraqi planes have now sought refuge in Iran, according to U.S. officials [LAT, WT 1/29].

In television interview with CNN, Saddam Hussein says Iraq has won "the admiration of the world" for employing only conventional arms in war; Saddam warns that SCUD missiles can still be fitted with nonconventional warheads [BADS 1/28 in FBIS 1/29; LAT, WT 1/29].

Military officials say U.S. bombing raids at oil facilities in Kuwait have stopped oil spilling into Gulf, but not before 11 million barrels had entered the water [LAT, WT 1/29].

For 1st time in 20 years, no one protests outside Soviet embassy in Washington, demonstrating on behalf on Jews trying to emigrate from USSR; Kremlin's relaxed policies lead Jewish Community Council of Greater Washington to suspend daily 15-minute protests that began in December 1970 [LAT, WT 1/29].

Patriot missiles destroy incoming SCUD missiles aimed at Saudi Arabia; parts of SCUD land in Palestinian villages in West Bank; additional Patriot missile systems arrive in Saudi Arabia [SPA, IDF 1/28 in FBIS 1/29; LAT, WT 1/29].

Baghdad claims that some captured pilots have been injured in air raids by allied planes; in letter to UN leader Perez de Cuellar, Iraq says 345 civilians have been killed, 450 wounded, in air raids [LAT 1/29].

Prominent Israeli authors and peace activists Amos Oz, A.B. Yehoshua, Yoram Kaniuk, and Yael Dayan speak out in favor of war in Gulf, saying anti-war protests amount to appeasing Saddam Hussein [LAT 1/29].

One-day strike called in support of Iraq by Morocco's 3 major trade unions shuts down most economic activity [LAT 1/29].

UN Sec. Council rebuffs calls by several Arab nations for open debate on Gulf war; Council elects to continue informal consultations behind closed doors [LAT 1/29].

Bombs explode in Greece and Turkey, no one is injured in attacks that may be linked to U.S. role in war [LAT 1/29].

American Civil Liberties Union assails FBI assertion that Arab-American civic and business leaders will suffer no consequences if they refuse to be interviewed about potential terrorism [LAT 1/29].