Saturday, March 16, 1991

In 1st broadcast since 26 February, Saddam Hussein appeals for support from Iraqi people, promising to move ahead with democratic reforms as soon as his forces defeat rebels [NYT, WP 3/17; BADS 3/16 in FBIS 3/18; CSM 3/18].

Kuwaitis are reportedly deeply upset with returning gov't.'s efforts to restoressential services, including water and electricity [NYT 3/17].

Kuwaiti military commanders acknowledge soldiers' abuses in campaign of detention and deportation against suspected Iraqi collaborators, but say they are powerless to stop abuses [WP 3/17].

International team of doctors, after visiting Iraq, say that hospitals are desperately short of electricity, medical supplies, and water, and have been forced to turn away patients [NYT 3/17].

In Bermuda, Pres. Bush and P.M. Major outline stiff terms for permanent cease-fire in Gulf war, including supervised destruction of Iraq's chemical and biological weapons and the use of Iraq's oil revenues to pay reparations to Kuwait [WP 3/17].

U.S. officers who debriefed Iraqi POWs say Iraqi units suffered desertion rates from 20 to 50 percent, totaling nearly 100,000 soldiers, before allied ground war began. Officers say most of these deserters simply went home [WP 3/17].