Sunday, March 24, 1991

Forces loyal to Saddam Hussein have effectively crushed 3-week-old armed rebellion in southern Iraq; refugees reaching American lines say reprisals and executions are occurring now that Saddam's forces are back in control. Refugees also flee toward Turkish and Iranian borders. Anti-gov't. Kurdish rebels say they still control much of northern Iraq [LAT 3/25].

American officials say the number of Iraqi tanks and armored vehicles that survived Gulf war is much greater than originally thought, and many of the weapons have been used by Iraqi troops against insurgents [NYT 3/25].

Gen. Schwarzkopf says U.S. is near agreement on establishing permanent military headquarters in Bahrain [NYT, LAT 3/25].

Acting on request from U.S. officials, Israeli police arrest American-born Jewish couple, Robert and Rochelle Manning, for 1985 bombing that killed Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee director Alex Odeh. The Mannings, who emigrated to Israel in 1973, have ties with Kach party [LAT 3/25; NYT 3/26; MET 4/2].

Israel retaliates for wave of Arab knife attacks by issuing deportation notices to 4 Palestinians allegedly tied to Fateh; 4 Palestinians are wounded in clashes touched off in response to deportation orders (cf. 3/25, 3/27) [NYT, LAT, WP, WT, CSM 3/25; AVP, JDS 3/24, HAA 3/25 in FBIS 3/25; FJ 4/1; MET 4/2].

16-year-old Palestinian dies of head wound suffered on 3/22 when IDF opened fire on stone throwers in Gaza Strip [LAT 3/25].

Israeli soldiers kill 3 Arab guerrillas inside S. Lebanon "heading towards Israel" [NYT 3/25; JDS 3/24 in FBIS 3/25].