Saturday, May 11, 1991

Sec. Baker says that decision by Saudi Arabia and 5 other Gulf states to send observers to potential Middle East peace negotiations would lead to direct talks with Israel and thus "break at least one major taboo" of the Arab-Israeli conflict [WP, NYT, LAT 5/12; MEM 5/13].

First wave of Kuwait's 400,000 exiled citizens return home, nine months after Iraq's invasion [NYT, WP, LAT S/12; MEM 5/13].

EC indicates that it still hopes for full role as cosponsor of any Middle East peace conference [NYT 5/12].

Soviet F.M. Bessmertnykh meets in Cairo with Pres. Mubarak and Sec. Baker [MENA, CDS 5/11 in FBIS 5/13].

In speech, Yasir Arafat criticizes U.S. Middle East peace efforts, says U.S. is trying to ignore Jerusalem issue [AVP 5/13 in FBIS 5/141.