Friday, November 22, 1991

U.S. extends invitations for second round, bilateral peace negotiations to convene 12/4 in Washington. Neither Israel nor Palestinians immediately accept, Israel because it favors holding talks in the Middle East and is angered that U.S. has pressed ahead with holding them in Washington, Palestinians because certain persons associated with their delegation might not be granted U.S. visas. Syria and Lebanon did not respond; Jordan immediately accepts. Invitations include U.S. suggestions on overcoming differences, an indication that U.S. intends to continue playing an active role in the peace making process. (NYT 11/23, 11/26; LAT 11/25)

Chief Palestinian negotiator Haydar 'Abd al-Shafi joins Faisal Husseini and PLO exec. comm. mbrs. Yasir 'Abd Rabbuh and Mahmud Abbas in Moscow for talks with FM Shevardnadze. Palestinians will push USSR to insist on direct PLO participation in multilateral discussions. (MM 11/22)

Israeli attorney general announces Israel will not prosecute Hanan Ashrawi on charges she met with PLO officials. (MM 11/22)

Fighting in S. Lebanon continues as SLA artillery bombards villages in Iqlim al-Tuffah region. (MM 11/22