Thursday, October 3, 1991

Israeli defense ministry announces Israel will control export of anti-ballistic missile technology in response to pressure from the U.S., which reportedly included threat to stop accepting Israeli bids for U.S. defense contracts. U.S. is pushing for Israeli compliance with the Convention for the Limitation of the Spread of Missile Technology, adopted in 1987 by the U.S. and other industrialized nations. Israel has been pursuing a research program for developing the Arrow anti-ballistic missile. Most of the funding for the program has been provided by the U.S. (WP 10/4)

PLO delegation led by Exec. Comm. Mbrs. Mahmud 'Abbas, Yasir 'Abd Rabbuh, 'Abdullah al-Hawrani, and Sulayman al-Najjab arrives in Amman to brief Jordanian officials on decisions of PNC and discuss formation of a joint delegation. Jordanians participating in the talks include PM Tahir al-Masri, FM Kamil Abu Jaber, Royal Political Advisor 'Adnan Abu 'Awda. PLO is demanding right to name Palestinian delegates to the joint delegation, and is pushing for adoption of a joint negotiating point demanding end to Israeli settlement building in o.t. Jordan had previously indicated it would accept PLO appointment of Palestinians to joint delegation and that Palestinians could address their own issues at peace conference. (Radio Jordan 10/4 in FBIS 10/4; Jordan Times 10/5 in FBIS 10/9)

More than 100 American Jewish leaders, part of Project Nishma, call on Israel to stop settling Jews in o.t. (MEM 10/3, 10/4)