Wednesday, October 9, 1991

Hundreds of Jewish settlers invade Silwan, on outskrits of East Jerusalem, and occupy eight Palestinian homes they claim were bought or leased from the government but occupied by Palestinians. Occupation of the homes was planned by Housing Minister Ariel Sharon, and several right-wing Knesset members, including Michael Eytan, Yuval Ne'eman, and Ge'ula Cohen, joined the settlers in a move some openly stated was an attempt to bring down the government of PM Shamir and disrupt U.S. efforts to convene a peace conference [see 10/4]. Police evacuate most of the homes, but PM Shamir tells settlers they can control one of them. Shamir calls settlers' action "unnecessary" and takes no action against Sharon. (MEM 10/9; WP 10/10, 10/14)

Sharon announces he will challenge PM Shamir for the Likud party's nomination for prime minister in 1992. (WP 10/11)