Thursday, October 17, 1991

PLO Central Comm. approves formation of joint Palestinian-Jordanian delegation. (Radio Monte Carlo, Tunisian Republic Radio 10/18 in FBIS 10/18)

Soviet FM Boris Pankin arrives in Israel for talks with Israeli leadership, Palestinian negotiators, Secy. of State Baker. Visit is first visit by Soviet foreign ministry since USSR broke diplomatic relations with Israel in 1967. (WP 10/19)

Iranian Pres. Ayatollah 'Ali Khamane'i denounces peace conference, calls upon Muslims to participate in jihad to liberate Palestine. (MEM 10/23)

In Damascus, Presidents al-Asad, al-Hirawi co-chair first meeting of Syrian-Lebanese Supreme Council, set up by the May 1991 Syrian-Lebanese Treaty of Brotherhood, Cooperation and Coordination to coordinate affairs of the two countries. (Syrian Arab Republic Radio 10/17 in FBIS 10/21)