Thursday, October 31, 1991

At Madrid peace conference, PM Shamir delivers first opening address of the day. He is followed by Jordanian FM Kamil Abu Jaber, chief Palestinian delegate Haydar Abd al-Shafi, Lebanese FM Faris Bouez, and Syrian FM Faruq al-Sharaa (NYT 11/1)

After hearing Abd al-Shafi's speech on the radio, hundreds of Palestinians march through Ramallah waving olive branches and shaking hands with Israeli security forces, who did not break up the demonstration. Similar marches took place in E. Jerusalem, throughout occupied territories. (MEM 10/31, 11/1)

In another move toward PLO-Saudi reconciliation, Fateh Central Comm. Mbr. and top aide to Chmn. Arafat Nabil Sha'th, who was appointed as behind-the-scenes PLO coordinator of Palestinian delegates at Madrid, meets with Saudi representative to talks, Prince Sa'ud bin Faysal, along with Palestinian delegates and members of the steering committee. (MEM 11/1)

Kuwaiti FM Shaykh Salim al-Sabah reiterates Kuwaiti hostility toward PLO, however, describing PLO position during the Gulf war as "shameful" while affirming Kuwaiti support for Palestinian cause. (MEM 11/1)

Israeli, South Lebanon Army forces continue shelling Nabatiyya area, other regions of S. Lebanon. (MEM 11/1)