Friday, September 6, 1991

Pres. Bush asks Congress to delay considering Israeli loan guarantee request for 120 days. Ignoring the pleas of the U.S. administration, Israel formally submits its request. Request states Israel expects to settle one million immigrants during next five years and reiterates claim that none of the money guaranteed will be spent in the o.t. (NYT 9/7; Israel Television 9/7 in FBIS, 9/9)

In Khartoum, Chmn. Arafat meets with Hamas representatives for the first time. Talks focus on conditions set by Hamas for its attendance at upcoming meeting of PNC. (MENA 9/8 in FBIS 9/9)

PLO executive committee holds meeting. (Sanaa Voice of Palestine 9/8 in FBIS 9/9)

Israeli security forces kill Ahmad Akmil, reportedly a high Fateh official in the West Bank, after an eight-month search for him. (MEM 9/9)

France calls on exiled Lebanese gen. Michel 'Awn to halt his calls for the Lebanese people to overthrow the government of Pres. Ilyas al-Hirawi and fight a war of liberation against Syrian forces. (NYT 9/7)

Amal leader in Lebanon states Israeli pilot Ron Arad is in Lebanese hands and not being held in Iran as claimed 8/29 by Nabil Birri. (Radio Lebanon 9/6 in FBIS 9/9)