Sunday, September 15, 1991

The battle between Pres. Bush, Israeli government, becomes more personal when Israel cabinet mbr. Rehavam Ze'evi calls Bush "close to being an anti-Semite." (NYT 9/16)

DFLP split deepens as supporters of Yasir 'Abd Rabbuh announce recent "national congress" voted him general secretary. Both the 'Abd Rabbuh and Hawatma factions use the name DFLP. (Sawt al-Sha'b 9/16 in FBIS 9/17)

Lebanese FM Faris Bouez meets with Iranian FM 'Ali Akbar Velayati in Tehran, urges Iranian cooperation in disarming of Hizbullah militia, withdrawal of Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Lebanon. Velayati indicated Iran felt that the groups' presence assisted the anti-Israeli resistance, without which Israel could never be driven from S. Lebanon. The Lebanese government has issued an October deadline for Hizbullah to surrender its arms. (NYT 9/16)