Tuesday, August 11, 1992

Pres. Bush, PM Rabin hold news conference. Pres. Bush announces he will send Congress a new Israeli loan guarantee proposal, which stipulates that the amount Israel spends after 10/1/92 on construction in the o.t. will be deducted from the $10 billion. (Congress can debate the bill at the earliest 9/8, after a recess that begins 8/12.) Pres. Bush also announces his intention to pursue $5 billion sale of F-15 jets to Saudi Arabia. (NYT, WP 8/12)

DFLP head Nayif Hawatima arrives in Amman for several-day working visit. (AlRay 8/11 in FBIS 8/11)

Fateh mbr. Husayn Tamari is assassinated in 'Ayn al-Hilwa camp, near Sidon, Lebanon. (VOL 8/12 in FBIS 8/13)

Israel, SLA shells Iqlim al-Tuffah region, S. Lebanon. (Radio Lebanon 8/10 in FBIS 8/11)