Thursday, December 10, 1992

Palestinian delegation presents Israeli delegation with detailed response to Israel's agenda for negotiations. Israel has not presented its new "semi-autonomy" proposals because of the Palestinian delegation cut. (Qol Yisra'el 12/11 in FBIS 12/11)

EC transfers 15 million ECU ($20 million) to o.t. credit institutions, 29 million ECU ($40 million) to the Palestinian Housing Council. (Davar 12/8 in FBIS 12/11)

First Israeli-Palestinian Intl. Academic Conf. on Water opens in Zurich. Israelis and Palestinians each field 25 experts, among some 100 participants. (MM 12/11)

Islamic Jihad mbr. kills 1, wounds 3 Israeli policeman in heavily armed battle near Jenin, before being killed (MM 12/10, 12/11)

To mark Intl. Human Rights Day, Knesset ed. comm. releases Israeli racism survey. Poll finds almost 40% support violence against Arabs in response to Arab acts of terror, nearly 30% favor pressuring Arabs to leave Israel. (MM 12/11)