Thursday, February 20, 1992

Following fist-fights with UNIFIL troops trying to halt their advance, IDF troops, tanks bulldoze through UNIFIL barriers and move out of "security zone" to attack villages in S. Lebanon suspected of sheltering Islamic Resistance Movement bases which have been shelling N. Israel. Villages of Yatar, Kafra are captured. Several more rockets are fired at N. Israel, "security zone" and are answered with heavy IDF, SLA bombardment. Amal, communist party, armed civilians join the battle against Israeli forces. Two Israelis are killed and three wounded; at least 7 Hizballah fighters are killed and 17 wounded. In addition, 3 civilians and 4 Fijian UNIFIL troops are wounded. UN Secy. Gen. Butrus Ghali demands Israeli withdrawal while State Dept. calls on Israel, Syria, Lebanon to "exercise restraint." (Qol Yisra'el 2/20 in FBIS 2/20, FBIS 2/21; IDF Radio, Voice of Lebanon 2/20 in FBIS 2/21; WP 2/21)

PM Shamir wins renomination as head of Likud party. FM David Levy finishes second, Housing Min. Ariel Sharon third. (WP 2/21)

Arab League council begins emergency meeting on Israeli settlements. (MENA 2/20 in FBIS 2/21)