Sunday, July 5, 1992

Arye Bar, Israeli construction and housing min. dir. gen. meets with Fin. Min. Yitzhak Modai on behalf of hospitalized Housing Min. Ariel Sharon; Modai instructs treasury to approve construction of 4,000 new housing units in Israel and o.t. (Modai had earlier approved 2,000 of the housing min.'s 4,500-unit request.) Housing min. announces more than 16,000 housing units are in various stages of construction in o.t. (Yedi'ot Aharonot 7/5 in FBIS 7/6)

Hamas members storm houses of Fateh members in Khan Yunis, wounding several. IDF opens fire on residents of Jabaliya, Dayr al-Balah camps, Gaza, wounding 3. (AFP 7/5 in FBIS 7/6)

Hizballah attacks Israeli intelligence position in Bint Jubayl (inside S. Lebanon "security zone"); Israel shells Litani River basin. Armed dispute in 'Ayn al-Hilwa camp near Sidon kills 2. (VOL, Voice of the Oppressed 7/6 in FBIS 7/6)

Israel releases 4 Palestinians into custody of Red Cross in Tyre, Lebanon. The 4 "Fateh activists" had served out sentences at Asqalan prison following their arrest 12/20/90 on a "suspicious vessel" (embarked in Cyprus) off the Lebanese coast. (Qol Yisra'el 7/5 in FBIS 7/6; AFP 7/5 in FBIS 7/7)

Arab League Council concludes 2-day emergency meeting in Cairo to discuss situation in S. Lebanon; endorses 2 draft resolutions urging an end to Israeli aggression and promoting reconstruction, as well as a statement urging UNSC to resort to Chapter VII of UN Charter to halt Israeli aggression, implement res. 425. (MENA 7/5 in FBIS 7/7; MM 7/6)

Jordanian parliament passes law legalizing independent political parties; first multiparty elections since 1954 will be held in 11/93. (MM 7/6)