Wednesday, June 17, 1992

Three of 11 Gaza Palestinians slated for deportation 1/2/92 accept compromise of 3- year "voluntary exile." (Qol Yisra'el 6/17 in FBIS 6/18; MM 6/18)

Israeli undercover squad shoots dead "wanted" activist near Janin. (MM 6/18)

Radwan Abu Ayyash, head of advisory council to the Palestinian delegation, founds 178-member Palestinian Social Solidarity Society, a new socio-political org. that will have branches throughout the o.t. Leaders seek a permit that will allow them to operate in the o.t. (ITV 6/17 in FBIS 6/18)

German nationals Heinrich Struebig and Thomas Kemptner, the last Western hostages in Lebanon, are freed by their Shiite captors in Beirut. (NYT 6/18)

UNRWA announces that the EC has contributed ECU 13 million (about $16.7 million) to construct new 232-bed hospital in Khan Yunis, Gaza. (UNRWA News 6/24)