Wednesday, May 13, 1992

Multilateral talks on refugees open in Ottawa with Palestinians asserting that solution for Palestinian refugees should be made through implementation of UN Gen. Assembly Res. 194, which calls for repatriation of refugees or compensation. Israel boycotts talks. (MM 5/12)

Responding to 5/12 U.S. statement regarding right of Palestinian refugees to return, PM Shamir states "There is only a Jewish 'right of return' to the Land of Israel." State Dept. clarifies 5/12 statement, reaffirming U.S. support for Res. 194 and Sec. Council Res. 237 (adopted 14 June 1967) regarding return of Palestinian refugees but adding that this remains a matter to be negotiated between Palestinians and Israel. (NYT, MM 5/14)

Multilateral talks on water open in Vienna with more than 30 delegations attending. (WP 5/14)

Palestinian negotiators Zakariyal-Agha, 'Abd al-Rahman Hamad are refused entry into Gaza by Israeli authorities at Rafah border crossing point for a second time after they again refused to allow border guards to search documents they were carrying [see 5/12]. (MM 5/15)

Annual assembly of World Health Organization passes resolution criticizing Israel for health conditions in o.t. (MM 5/14)

In Jerusalem, Jordanian-controlled Higher Islamic Council warns against intervention by "foreign or international bodies" in repair work to Islamic holy sites in E. Jerusalem, an apparent reference to Saudi attempts to finance repairs of shrines in coordination with UNESCO [Jordan has traditionally been responsible for shrines' maintenance] [see 4/29, 5/5, 5/11, 5/12]. (MM 5/13; NYT 5/14)

Shaykh Ishaq Idris Sakhouta, head of Cairo-based and Saudi-financed World Islamic League, begins visit to Israel and o.t. After praying at al-Aqsa mosque in E. Jerusalem, Sakhouta praises Israel's handling of Islamic shrines in Jerusalem during meeting with Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek [Sakhouta's visit is being financed by an Israeli tourist company which seeks to increase Muslim tourism to Islamic holy sites in o.t.] (MM 5/14)

IDF kill "wanted" Palestinian in Immatin, near Tulkarm. Separate gun battle between IDF and 3 Palestinians leaves 1 Palestinian wounded. (Qol Yisra'el 5/14 in FBIS 5/14