Saturday, November 7, 1992

In interview with al-Hayat, Chmn. Arafat urges Pres.-elect Bill Clinton to resume dialogue with the PLO. He also strongly criticizes Hamas, warning of "retaliation" if acts of violence continue in the o.t. (AFP 11/7 in FBIS 11/9; NYT 11/10)

PLO Exec. Comm. mbrs., as well as Palestinian delegation head Faisal Husseini, meet with Jordanian FM Kamil Abu Jaber to discuss draft Israeli-Jordanian agenda for negotiations (see 11/1). Palestinians seek definite reference in the agenda to UNGA 194 (the right of return), and clarifications on wording of references to Palestinian o.t. (Jordan Times 11/8 in FBIS 11/9; MM 11/9)

PFLP Red Eagle gunmen shoot, kill suspected collaborator in Shabura camp, Gaza Strip. (Qol Yisra'el 11/7 in FBIS 11/10)

Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc issues statement rejecting draft Israeli-Jordanian agenda as a retreat from declared peace principles, calling on govt. to not ratify it. Hamas issues similar statement. (Jordan Times 11/8 in FBIS 11/9)

King Hussein says it is time for Iraqis to end the rule of Saddam Hussein, install govt. of "pluralism, democracy." (NYT 11/8)

Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics releases latest figures showing that the Jewish birthrate has dropped to its lowest rate since 1948-2.6 children per woman. The Muslim rate is 4.7, slightly higher than last year, but much lower than the 1948 figure. Influx of immigrants kept the Jewish majority steady at 81.9%. (NYT 11/8)