Thursday, November 12, 1992

Israeli delegation rejoins refugee talks in Ottawa, after receiving written U.S. assurances that Palestinian delegation head Muhammad Hallaj is no longer a member of the PNC. Palestinians begin talks with demand for discussion of right of return for all refugees, including those from 1948. (Qol Yisra'el 11/12 in FBIS 11/13; WP 11/13)

Bir Zeit University (near Ramallah, W. Bank) holds student council elections. Pro-Fateh faction "shelved their differences" over the peace talks with a pro-PFLP faction and a pro-DFLP (Hawatima wing) faction, to form a united pro-PLO front, which defeated the pro-Hamas candidates by 66% to 33% of the vote. In winner-take-all election, 5 seats go to Fateh, 3 to PFLP, 1 to DFLP. (WP 11/12)

Hizballah lose 1 gunman, kill 1, wound 3 IDF soldiers, kill 1 UN soldier, in rocket and machine-gun attacks in "security zone." Israel attacks from the air and heavily shells Hizballah target villages north of "security zone." (Qol Yisra'el 11/12 in FBIS 11/12; Radio Lebanon 11/12 in FBIS 11/13; WT, WP 11/13)

U.S. Amb. to Israel William Harrop delivers message to PM Rabin urging "continue[d] restraint" vis-a-vis Hizballah, as long U.S. diplomatic efforts to quell the violence continue in Beirut and Damascus. (MM 11/13)

IDF fatally shoots Palestinian youth in Hebron, W. Bank. IDF opens fire on Khan Yunis demonstrators, injuring 19; 2 suspected collaborators are killed in Gaza Strip, under curfew since 11/11 (MM 11/13)

King Hussein announces amnesty in honor of his 58th birthday (11/14) that will free 140 political prisoners, including those sentenced 11/10. (WP 11/13)