Monday, November 16, 1992

Hamas-PLO reconciliation meeting in Khartoum collapses as Hamas fails to show up (see 10/11); Chmn. Arafat meets with Sudanese Islamic leader Hasan al-Turabi, who had offered to serve as mediator. Hamas releases statement in Amman demanding apology from Arafat for threatening their group, tying it to Iran (see 11/7). (MM 11/17; Jordan Times 11/17 in FBIS 11/17)

Jewish settlers toss grenade into crowded market of Jerusalem's Old City Muslim quarter, killing 71-year-old Palestinian man, wounding 11 others. Radical groups Kach and Kahane Hay both claim responsibility for the attack, 2 years after the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane in New York. (MM 11/16; MM, NYT, WT 11/17)

In Tel Aviv, some 100,000 demonstrate against territorial compromise on the Golan Heights. (WT 11/17; Qol Yisra'el 11/17 in FBIS 11/17)

Commission investigating Palestinian prisoner conditions issues 20 main recommendations that have been approved by the police min. (MM 11/16)