Wednesday, October 21, 1992

Seventh round of Arab-Israeli negotiations begins in Washington, D.C., to continue until 11/20, with a 1-week break around the U.S. elections. Israeli chief negotiator with the Palestinians Elyakim Rubinstein gives letter to Palestinian delegation head Haydar 'Abd al-Shafi focusing on recent wave of violence in o.t. 'Abd al-Shafi responds with comments about Israel's handling of the Palestinian prisoner hunger strike. U.S. tells Palestinian negotiators they should drop insistence on full Israeli withdrawal from the W. Bank and Gaza Strip. (MM 10/21, 10/22; Qol Yisra'el 10/22 in FBIS 10/22; NYT 10/22)

Israel presents Syria with "fresh paperwork" to frame discussions of Golan Heights that reflects not new proposals, but more forthcoming language-talk of "territorial dimension" is replaced by explicit use of the word "withdrawal." Syrian delegation head Muwaffaq al-'Allaf says the Israeli ideas are "old and unsatisfactory." (MM 10/21, 10/22; Qol Yisra'el 10/22 in FBIS 10/22; NYT 10/22)

PLO pol. dept. head Faruq al-Qaddumi meets with French FM Roland Dumas in Paris. Chmn. Arafat meets with Spanish FM in Tunis. (Algiers VOP 10/22 in FBIS 10/23)

Israel accepts Tunis' offer to host next round (beginning 1/93) of multilateral talks on refugees. Israel rejects a proposal to include the issue of family reunification at upcoming refugee talks in Ottawa, saying it is an attempt to introduce the Palestinian right of return through the back door. (Ha'Aretz 10/22 in FBIS 10/22)

Tsomet party joins Likud and National Religious Party in submitting motion of no-confidence to be debated when the Knesset winter session opens 11/2. (Qol Yisra'el 10/21 in FBIS 10/22)

Palestinian gunmen attack IDF vehicle, wounding 2 soldiers, in drive-by shooting near Hebron. (MM 10/22