Tuesday, October 27, 1992

Palestinian delegation presents Israel with lengthy memo detailing human rights violations in the o.t., issuing 12 demands: closing Ansar III prison, lifting Gaza nighttime curfew, halting illegal tax collection, granting free travel to Jerusalem and around the W. Bank and Gaza, among others. (al-Dustur 10/28 in FBIS 10/28)

Hizballah fires Katyusha rockets into "security zone," killing 2 Lebanese, and into northern Israel, killing a 14-year-old recent Russian immigrant in Kiryat Shimona. Israel retaliates with air strikes and shelling of Hizballah, DFLP targets north of "security zone" and in Biqa' Valley, killing 4. Israel amasses tanks in "security zone" for possible advance north. (IDF Radio, Qol Yisra'el, VOL 10/27 in FBIS 10/27, 10/28; MM, NYT, WP 10/27, 10/28)

Palestinian gunmen shoot, wound Israeli couple in Janin, W. Bank. Palestinian attacks Israeli farmer with an axe in Gaza Strip settlement. (Qol Yisra'el 10/27 in FBIS 10/29; NYT, WP 10/28)

MKs Benyamin Netanyahu (Likud) and Rafael Eitan (Tsomet) call for suspension of peace talks due to violence in S. Lebanon. (Qol Yisra'el 10/27 in FBIS 10/27)

One thousand settlers stage angry protest outside PM Rabin's residence. (WP 10/28)