Wednesday, September 23, 1992

PLO rejects all statements favoring permanent settlement of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, and reaffirms applicability of UNGA Res. 194. (Algiers VOP 9/23 in FBIS 9/25)

Palestinians stage general strike in o.t. to protest autonomy talks. Strike widely honored, in o.t., but response is strongest in Gaza Strip, Syria, and Lebanon; weaker in E. Jerusalem and W. Bank, negligible in Jordan. (MM 9/24; WP 10/14)

FM Shimon Peres and UN Secy. Gen. Butrus Butrus Ghali meet in New York, agree to raise UN from observer to participant status in multilateral negotiations. They also discuss the "extraneous and bizarre resolutions that the UN reaffirms year in and year out"; Butrus Ghali promises to help Israel "strike those... .off the agenda." (ITV 9/24 in FBIS 9/25)

In meeting with acting U.S. Secy. of State Eagleburger, Syrian FM Faruq al-Shara' refers to "total peace" in exchange for total Israel withdrawal from Golan Heights. (IDF Radio 9/23, SARR 9/24. in FBIS 9/24; MM 9/24)

Israeli education min. Shulamit Aloni says PM Rabin is prepared to return the entire Golan Heights in exchange for a peace agreement with Syria. Speaking to Golani settlers, PM Rabin refers to private "red lines" concerning the Golan, rules out leasing Golani territory, as that would concede its sovereignty to Syria. (MM 9/24; NYT 9/26; Yedi'ot Aharonot 9/25 in FBIS 9/25; Hadashot 9/25 in FBIS 9/28)

Test flight of Israeli Arrow antiballistic missile is deemed successful. (IDF Radio 9/23 in FBIS 9/24; MM 9/24)

Fateh mbr. Nimr Dib Shibli (Abu Kayyid) is assassinated in Sidon, Lebanon. (Radio Lebanon 9/23 in FBIS 9/25)