Wednesday, December 15, 1993

197 Palestinian mbrs. of Hamas and Islamic Jihad return fr. Lebanon at end of 1-yr. exile. The Islamist activists will be processed through Israeli prisons before returning to homes in o.t. PM Rabin, touring Gaza settlement, promises "tough measures" if "we have even the slightest suspicion that [the returnees] intend or are involved" in attacks on Israelis. (NYT, WP, WT 12/16)

Israel-PLO talks on civil issues related to Gaza-Jericho self-rule resume in al-Arish, Sinai. (MM 12/15)

Working group of Middle East Multilateral Talks Economic Development Comm. ends mtg. in Cairo, approves 4 agricultural projects, pollution control project for Gulf of Aqaba, and joint tourism project for Egypt, Israel, and o.t. (MENA 12/15 in FBIS 12/16)

Ashraf Muhammad Halil, 18, killed by IDF when he attacks soldiers with ax during search of his tool bag in Jabaliya camp, Gaza. (WT 12/16)