Thursday, January 14, 1993

Acting Secy. of State Eagleburger warns that there will be "more pressure in the Security Council for some kind of Chapter 7 enforcement" of UNSCR 799, which "puts the Israelis and us and a lot of other people in an awkward spot," and that Israel is "going to have to find some solution to the problem, whether it's to take them back and put them in jail or whatever itis." (MM 1/15)

Palestinian, Jordanian, and Lebanese presses level harsh criticism on the U.S. and the West for their 1/13 attack on Iraq, Gulf states are notably cool or silent, Syria and Egypt try to strike medium in their criticisms of both Iraq and the West. Fateh issues statement condemning the attack on Iraq, as well as a 28th anniversary statement. (MM 1/14; Algiers, Sanaa VOP 1/14 in FBIS 1/15)

IDF kills 2 Palestinians, wounds 45 in clashes in Gaza Strip. Border Police surround, fire anti-tank missiles at house near Jenin, kill 1 suspected Black Panther activist as he tries to escape. (MM, WT 1/15; Qol Yisra'el 1/14 in FBIS 1/15)

Chemical weapons agreement signed in Paris. Russia, the U.S., Israel, and Iran are among the 120 signatories; despite Arab League's 1/11 unanimous boycott, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Libya, Kuwait, Yemen, and Oman also sign. Negotiated since 1968, the treaty banning production, stockpiling, and use of such weapons, as well as mandating their destruction with a complex verification regime, will go into effect after a minimum ratification period of 2 years. (NYT, WP 1/14)