Tuesday, July 20, 1993

SLA positions at Shumariyeh and Alman, southern Lebanon, attacked with katyushas and mortars. (MM 7/20)

Lebanese army and Hizballah fire SAM-7 missile at overflying Israeli plane. (VOL 7/21 in FBIS 7/21)

Hadashot reports that a secret Israeli envoy has met with the PLO in Tunis in an effort to bridge gaps in Israeli and Palestinian negotiating positions. Both PM Rabin and FM Peres deny the story. (MM 7/20)

10-year-old Izzat Matar, shot 7/18 by IDF, dies of his wounds in Gaza. (MM 7/21)

Kuwaiti govt., responding to confusion and controversy over its adherence to boycott of Israel, issues statemento Kuwait National Assembly saying it obeys boycott, but that "consequences of the Iraqi aggression" required "reexamination" of rules on secondary boycott of foreign companies dealing with Israel. Statement reiterates Kuwaiti adherence to all Arab League and GCC boycott rules, says end of Israeli settlements precondition for ending direct boycott (see 6/7, 6/11). (KUNA 7/20 in FBIS 7/21)