Wednesday, July 28, 1993

Israeli attack on Lebanon enters 4th day as international condemnation mounts. Refugees from south estimated at 500,000; casualties total 90 dead, 400 wounded. UN Secy.-Gen. Butrus Butrus-Ghali calls attack "deplorable" while UN Security Council, renewing UNIFIL mandate, expresses "regret" over loss of life and urges "restraint" on all parties. US State Dept. says "Military activities directed against all civilians should ... stop... The refugees from south Lebanon must be allowed to return to their homes immediately." Secy. of State Christopher telephones PM Rabin, Syrian FM al-Shara', and Lebanese PM Rafiq Hariri, urging Israel to end fighting before Christopher comes to region and Syria not to permit arms to reach Hizballah. PM Rabin vows to "chase down" Hizballah, tells Knesset, "The civilian Lebanese population in southern Lebanon will be distanced-northward-from the villages in which Hizballah terrorists operate." Pres. Clinton says "I think Hizballah should stop its attacks. I think Israel should stop its bombardments. I think that Syria should go from showing restraint to being an active participant to try and stop the fighting, and we ought to do whatever we can to stop the fighting as quickly as possible." (NYT, WP, WT 7/29)

Responding to continued financial crisis, PLO closes three departments-information, culture, and social affairs. (al-Sharq al-Awsat 7/28 in FBIS 7/30)