Monday, March 1, 1993

Hamas rep. in Amman Muhammad Nazzal reassures PLO that its diplomatic contacts (with U.S., among others) are not meant to establish Hamas as an alternative leadership. (Jordan Times 3/2 in FBIS 3/2)

MK Benyamin Netanyahu, other Likud MKs, tour Golan Heights, brief Jewish mayors on 2-stage Israeli withdrawal "plan." (HaAretz 3/1 in FBIS 3/1)

West Bank settlement guards have been granted "limited policing powers" allowing them to search, detain, and arrest any Palestinian on specified grounds of suspicion- a "far-reaching amendment" to existing laws. Agreement is result of appeal by Ariel "mayor" Ron Nachman to the High Court againsthe IDF. (Yedi'otAharonot 3/1 in FBIS 3/3)

Kuwaiti FM Shaykh Sabah al-Ahmad "rules out" restoration of ties with Arab states that opposed the war against Iraq, singling out Jordan and the PLO, who still support "false claims." (MM 3/1)

Italian TV runs interview (taped 2/13) with Pres. Saddam Hussein, who says if an Israeli-Palestinian settlement is "arrived at that satisfies the Palestinians, I will accept it," and recognize Israel. He is doubtful of such a settlement, though. (MM 3/1; Baghdad INA 3/4 in FBIS 3/5)

U.S. issues warning to travelers of a "heightened threat of terrorism" in Jordan. Jordanian ministers are "astonished" by the warning, asserting that Americans are safer in Jordan than back home. (MM 3/2, 3/3)

Pres. Mubarak meets with Conf. of Presidents of Major American Jewish Orgs. in Cairo. (MM 3/2, 3/5)

Gazan Islamic Jihad mbr. stabs 2 Israelis to death, wounds 9, in Tel Aviv. Israel seals Gaza Strip. (WP 3/2; NYT 3/3; AFP, Qol Yisra'el, IDF Radio 3/1 in FBIS 3/2)