Friday, March 19, 1993

PM Rabin calls for stricter controls on the approx. 120,000 Palestinians who travel to work in Israel each day from the o.t., saying he would prefer a lower number. (NYT 3/20)

Poll shows 53% of Israeli Jews favor unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, 34% against. (Yedi'ot Aharonot 3/19 in FBIS 3/19)

Iranians celebrate Quds Day in support of the Palestinians, protesting the peace process. Deportees in southern Lebanon are divided; 35, mostly Islamic Jihad mbrs., heed Iran's call for protest against Israel. Ten Palestinian rejectionist factions issue statement honoring the occasion. (QPAR 3/18 in FBIS 3/19; MM 3/18, 3/19)

Al-Hayat reports that surprise U.S. warning to tourists in Jordan announced 3/1 was prompted by a Syrian-based Jihad al-Islami attack on U.S. tourists planned for 2/19, but thwarted 2/2 by Jordanian security. (MM 3/19)