Tuesday, May 4, 1993

U.S. State Dept. announces plans to fund $14m o.t. job-creation program. (MM, WT 5/5; WP 5/6)

At econ. devt. multilateral meeting in Rome, Palestinian delegate Samir Hulayleh says World Bank is studying a $ lb. o.t. aid package, to be implemented as part of autonomy agreement. (MM 5/4, 5/5; Ha'Aretz 5/5 in FBIS 5/6)

Israel presents Palestinians with proposal for mutual water usage, which head delegate Haydar 'Abd al-Shafi terms "an encouraging opening." (MM 5/5)

Four Nablus notables close to Fateh meet with Israeli Police Min. Moshe Shahal to discuss o.t. police force, recommend Jordanian-based Palestine Liberation Army for the job. (IDF Radio 5/4, Hadashot 5/5 in FBIS 5/5)

Israel presents Lebanon with first-ever proposal linking withdrawal according to UNSCR 425 with a peace treaty. Political powers are proposed for the joint military workingroup (a long-standing Israeli request). (MM 5/5; Davar 5/12 in FBIS 5/12; al-Safir 5/11 in FBIS 5/17)

UNLU calls on Palestinians to seal off o.t. from Israelis and settlers in retaliation for the unilateral cosure, in call no. 95. (Al Hamishmar 5/5 in FBIS 5/6)

DFLP chief Nayif Hawatima and Pres. Saddam Hussein meet in Baghdad, discuss opposition to Arab-Israeli peace talks. (RMC 5/5 in FBIS 5/6; Sawt al-Sha'b 5/9 in FBIS 5/10)

IDF shoots 3 Palestinians dead, wounds over 40, in the Gaza Strip. (MM 5/4; NYT, WP 5/5)

Israel, SLA shell Lebanese villages. (RFL, VOM 5/4 in FBIS 5/4)