Tuesday, May 11, 1993

Palestinian delegation presents Israel with 10-point draft joint statement of principles on self-rule. (MM 5/12)

Lebanese delegation presents 1st official peace talks document to Israel rejecting Israel's 5/4 proposal for joint military working group, demanding timetable for withdrawal before consideration of peace treaty. (Davar 5/12 in FBIS 5/12)

Israeli Int. Min. Aryeh Deri (SHAS) withdraws his letter of resignation just before it would have gone into effect, giving PM Rabin 1 week to replace Ed. Min. Shulamit Aloni (Meretz) with a Laborite. The two mins. relinquish duties of their posts to Rabin for 1 week. (Qol Yisra'el 5/11 in FBIS 5/12; MM, NYT 5/12)

Hamas supporters prevent voting in Hebron U. campus elections. Minor scuffles end when trustees agree to hear grievances about Fateh's tactics in getting out the vote. Fateh supporters win by default in first victory at this Islamist stronghold. (MM, WP 5/12)